Friday, February 27, 2009

What! April 24th!?!?!

So I have been waiting for my surgeon's office to call me and tell me when I am scheduled to have the rod in my clavicle removed. They called today and his LVN is like, "So the next available appointment is April 24th".....I was like, "No there was some confusion at the last appointment about the time line, Dr. Burri thought the injury was in January, but it was December, and he wants the rod out in 3 months, which is March 20th or so." Shes like, "I know there is a note about March 20th, but April 24th is the next available surgical appointment." I am trying not to freak out (i.e. burst into tears). She then goes on to tell me how I need to go up for a pre surgical appointment 2-3 weeks before the appointment to make sure I am in good health...which I knew. And I was like, "So can that be the same day as the appointment (as I am obviosuly in good health)? "No."
She can tell I am going to lose it and says she will make the necessary appointments for an April 24th surgery and talk to Dr. Burri when he is in on Monday clarifying his note about March 20th. At least this will get me in the surgical que and if there is a cancellation they will bump me to a sooner date. After getting off the phone and taking a few deep breathes I realized it wouldn't be the end of the world if I had this stupid rod in my clavicle for an extra month....just really annoying, and not what I expected. What is more important in my recovery is being able to walk, and this ridiculous surgical time line has nothing to do with my weight bearing status. I think that March 20th note in my chart was probably Dr. Burri wanting to see me around that time to x-ray my leg and assess it so he can clear my non-weight bearing status and get me started on physical therapy. Which probably means I will have to go to Kaiser Oakland at least 3 more times...Spencer is going to love that. It means him taking a half day at work (assuming it is an afternoon appointment) and I think we tapped out his vacation time- and he just had a launch, so leaving work in the next 30 days will be a challenge for him...

Enough of the rant...this is what Gwen has to say about the whole thing:

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ambrosia Update and some photos of Gwen

I had a follow up appointment with my orthopedic surgeon yesterday and he commented that my bones are healing really well. The time line is still the same: rod out of clavicle the 3rd week of March, and standing on both legs 3rd week of March (can't wait!). My knee feels so much better, almost like its new self ;-)
Unfortunately I am still forbidden to put weight on my left leg, which means no walking (I must continue to hop about with my walker, or roll with my wheelchair). Moriah is staying with us this week and next week (our friend Cheri's niece who is awesome!). But we don't have any help lined up after she leaves March 1st....not sure what we will do. Spencer and I need to chat about what our needs are. We might be ok home alone with someone checking in on us (and taking Gwen for a walk- she gets a little stir crazy being cooped up). She continues to be amazing and below is some evidence.

Uncle Arin and Gwen (she looks at the camera every time!)

Gwen and I doing our morning thing camping out in bed.

Gwen getting her nighttime bottle (of expressed breastmilk :-)

Out to breakfast.

Not too sure about Milton who is not too sure about Gwen.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Food and Family

My brother Arin is staying with us for these first 2 weeks of February and he has been a great help. He is good with Gwen (trying to help her stand and walk)- he is shocked by how much she sleeps, eats, poops/pees, and cries. He keeps asking if this is normal....I think so. He has been doing the night feedings, and sleeping in her room since he is such a heavy sleeper- and Gwen thanked him by sleeping all night (almost 11 hours!) Friday night. I think she was fighting off a cold as she had a little sniffle and was a bit fussy. Arin has been cooking for us Macrobiotic meals which has been really awesome. I eat fairly healthy as it is, but eating Macrobiotic is more a lifestyle, and I think we will incorporate a lot of it in our meal planning once I am cooking again (don't worry Spencer we won't have steamed kale every night!). I am still pretty limited on what I can do, the site where my titanium rod was put into my collar bone is a little inflamed and doctors orders are to take it easy (so using my right arm as little as possible until the swelling goings down). I'm not sure he ever cared for a 4 month old!