Friday, August 20, 2010


Today is the first day I feel really pregnant. We went on a walk downtown last night to get Frozen Yogurt, and the walk wrecked me. I couldn't sleep last night since I was so uncomfortable, and today I could hardly walk. TMI: My crotch feels like it is broken :-(
But Gwen was so amazing last night. I need to capture video of her running because it is hilariously cute. She ran almost the whole way home (except when we insisted she hold hands crossing the street and over the bridge). She probably ran a total of 1/2 a mile. We are adding Track and Field star to her list of possibilities. She has taken to calling me Mom sometimes, which is cute, since it almost sounds like Mum. She is counting to 10 (she threw in 20 the other day) and recognizes numbers out of sequence too. She is a force of nature! She also has been working on using the potty. She goes #1 and #2 in her little Baby Bjorn Potty, but can't pull up/down her underwear/pants so she has to go naked while we are at home (or with a dress/skirt on). She is so funny because all of a sudden she will up and run to the bathroom and I can hear her tinkle. She has gotten so used to the potty that she no longer tells me, and no longer needs the positive reinforcement I was giving her (letting her have 2 squares of toilet paper, the honor of flushing the toilet, and a high five). We haven't been pushing the potty training (she instigated with insisting on naked time) and the few times I have gotten excited about her progress and encouraged her too much, she has lost interest. As soon as she has the coordination to pull up her pants I think we will work on going all the way and phasing out daytime diapers. Though that will likely be months after little brother arrives (don't want to do too much around such a big transition). She hasn't been sleeping through the night for a few weeks, which has been a bummer...I think there is just too much going on in her little head!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Mommy! Daddy!

Gwen has taken to calling us Mommy and Daddy (as opposed to Mama and Dada)- it is very strange. It makes her seem so, well, grown up. It also just dawned on me last night that she is really talking- full on sentences. She told me this morning, "Mommy has blue eyes." This was something her and Spencer talked about last night. She also can sing the itsy bitsy spider with hand gestures and all (will have to get it on video). She has been sleeping in her crib converted into a toddler bed (crib with the front off) and doing much better. She wakes up maybe once a week, and usually will go back to sleep in her bed (we had been in the habit of bringing her into ours). It also seems to help that she is going to bed a little later. I really wanted to have a bedtime, with the start of bedtime routine around 8am so she would be asleep around 8:30pm...but what we have learned about Gwen is she does better with things on her own terms. It is more like asleep by 9:30pm/10pm and awake around 8:30am. With the exception of yesterday and today which involved her waking up at 7am, and 6am respectively. Poor tired Mama! I was subjected to Barney this morning at 6:30am... it was painful.

P.S. Today is our 5th Wedding Anniversary. We celebrated with a walk downtown (bike ride for Gwen) to get frozen yogurt. Gwen is staying overnight tomorrow with Grandma so we can have an evening to ourselves, and sleep in! Yesterday was 15 years of being together, since we celebrate the day we met- WOW.