Sunday, October 31, 2010

Boo To You!

We enjoyed quite a few festive activities this week including two trick or treating outings and a trip to a pumpkin patch. By Friday afternoon we were exhausted and spun out on sugar so we missed our playgroup's Halloween Party scheduled for the latter part of the afternoon since nap time didn't happen until 3:30pm, despite my best efforts. I spent 2.5 hours trying to get Graham and Gwen to sleep- finally we all enjoyed a much needed 2 hour nap. This evening we will be trick or treating at a local mall and some friend's houses. Gwen is so excited about getting more candy- her favorite: lollipops and M&Ms. Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One Month of Graham

One month out of the womb Graham is starting to figure out what he likes, and what he doesn't like so much. He likes being held, and after being worn by Mama in the Sleepy Wrap so much, he likes being walked around. He really does seem to like Gwen, but not a big fan of the, "HI BABY!!!" in his face while he is sleeping. He is a big fan of the boob, but not when it sprays him in the face or the back of the throat and makes him choke. I realized this past week I have an oversupply and overactive letdown which is making for a gassy baby (he doesn't like being gassy). Graham is not a big fun of the poop (he strains so hard sometimes it reminds me of the convulsive need to push I had during his short labor), but he doesn't seem to mind peeing on himself (he succeeded in peeing on his head and face today). He is not a big fan of his car seat, but doesn't seem to mind being in the car (as long as it is moving) and Gwen and I have taken him all sorts of places already. He seems to be on the fence when it comes to the pacifier. He likes looking at faces, and gazing at the wall, or window, or sky. When he is upset he kicks his legs and pumps his little arms like a boxer. His little muscles are getting quite strong, as well as his grip. Sometimes there is something he doesn't like, but we are at a loss to what it is....this is a rare occasion though as he is usually a pretty easy going little guy.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mama's Little Guy

Graham had his first check up a few days ago. We knew he was getting bigger since his little cloth diapers were starting to look like a bikini on him, and his newborn outfits were getting a little tight, but we were still surprised when he weighed in at 10lbs 4.5 oz (78th percentile)- that is a gain of just over a pound a week! He is 21.5 inches long (65th percentile). Graham is meeting his little newborn milestones and can push up with his little arms when on his belly and lift his not so little head (I think he is growing a Studley cranium). He continues to be super sweet and only cries when he needs a new diaper and is hungry (or gassy). Though, he does like to be held, which is getting more and more difficult since Spencer went back to work Monday. I have mastered the art of chasing after a toddler, and all that entails, while holding a breastfeeding infant. This photo was taken 10/1 (on Gwen's birthday) at our music playdate. this was about the time that he started being awake and alert for longer stretches of time. It is too soon to say, but I think he might have his Mama's blue eyes...we'll see.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Two Year Check Up

Gwen had her 2 year check up and is doing splendidly. She weighed in at 31lbs 14oz and is 2'11". That puts her in the 94th percentile for weight and 80th percentile for height. This is pretty consistent with her growth so far. We actually thought she was going to weigh more, but she is soooo active she has burned off a bunch of baby weight. Gwen got a doctor play set for her birthday from a friend and brought that with her to the appointment. All she needs now is a doctor's coat. It was really cute and her doctor was impressed and said all children should have this type of play set since it helps with feeling more comfortable with doctor visits. Though, when Gwen went in to the injection clinic to get her vaccine, she knew exactly what was going to happen and freaked out.
This photo is from a trip to the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo last week. We all went and one of the Nannies recognized me from a few weeks ago when I went with Gwen super pregnant. She was awestruck that I was out and about so soon after delivery. With an active toddler I don't know how we could stay home any more than we are.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Gwen!

We had a small BBQ for Gwen this evening to celebrate her 2nd birthday. Earlier today we went to our Music Playdate (first outing with me and both Gwen and Graham). We sang all of Gwen's favorite songs and her little friends sang her Happy Birthday and she got to blow out a #2 candle on a blueberry mini muffin. When I asked her at bedtime what her favorite part of the day was, a concept she doesn't quite understand, she mentioned singing with her friends as being the most memorable. For her BBQ we bought a cake yesterday at the store. She got to choose chocolate, carrot, or a pretty pink berry cake- she chose chocolate. She is having a Birthday playdate next week so she can celebrate her birthday with her playdate friends we see on a regular basis. She has been way into singing Happy Birthday and blowing out the candle, and party hats. This evening she could hardly contain her self and blew out her candle half way through Happy Birthday. And she way enjoyed her chocolate cake.