Sunday, January 22, 2012

Graham 16 months

So my boycott of the bog didn't last long. My Mommy guilt kicked in when I realized Graham was 16 months and I needed to do an update to document his amazing progress. He is definitely a toddler now and letting us know all about it. The first time he threw himself on the ground arching his back and screaming like a banshee, I was a bit thrown aback. Who was this possessed child? Where was my sweet baby boy? And when would he stop acting crazy? He is communicating a lot more and says bath, baby, please (and signs), more (and signs), poo, he even says bless you when someone sneezes. His frustration peeks when he can't communicate what he wants, or he just can't have what he wants. Standing on the table is a safety issue and not negotiable. Graham seems to have graduated from trying to pull people's noses off, and has started giving his friends hugs (so sweet!). He is obsessed with books right now. We must have a few dozen little board books and he will go through them, grab his favorites and one by one bring them to you. He thrusts the book at you saying, "Thank You." If this is followed by trying to sit on your lap, he wants you to read the book. If you don't take the book he repeats louder and louder, "Thank You. Thank You. THANK YOU." This has been going on for weeks now, but most recently I have come across him 'reading' to himself. He will be sitting with a pile of his books, a favorite in hand (usually upside down) and babbling away to himself while turning the pages. Graham is a bit particular about what he eats, which has become more of concern since he has cut back on nursing. He seems to be quite partial to goldfish (or any cheese cracker) and pirates booty (or any salted puffed item). I consider these items to be baby junk food so we only eat them at parties or playdates. At mealtime I feed him what everyone else is eating, and more often than not, he doesn't eat.... spaghetti, quesadillas, yogurt, grapes, blueberries are always welcomed. Other than that it is hit or miss. He seems to want to eat what I am eating, or what Gwen is eating out of our particular bowl with our utensil. I have found him at the table eating my leftover lunch (something he refused to touch during lunch time). Something else exciting is he has developed an interest in the potty (more so than stuffing it with toilet paper). He actually told me he pooped the other day, saying, "Poo. Poo," and pulling at his diaper. When Gwen or I go to the bathroom he says, "Poo," and points to the potty. He also likes to watch me flush his poop down the toilet when I plop it from his cloth diaper. When the weather warms up we might try some naked time to facilitate using the potty. Graham has more or less dropped his morning nap (of course he had one today). Around 18 months we are going to consider night weaning him in preparation for his move into Gwen's room. We shall see.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Friend Me

Hi friends. I have been debating whether or not to keep up the blog and have decided to put it on hold. Since I also like to keep up with friends, I am on facebook and enjoy browsing my 'friends' updates and photos- maybe you will too? These last few months there has been a lot of redundancy between the blog and my facebook updates, and now that I am going back to school part time, Mama doesn't have time to do both. I also am not sure how comfortable I feel with this blog being completely open to the public, while I have vetted all my Facebook friends. I know some of you (like Spencer) may refuse on principal to get a Facebook account, and that is okay. No pressure. Email me, call me, let's get together in person. I will revisit the blog in a few months. Cheers!