Friday, February 19, 2010


Gwen and I took a day trip yesterday to Sonoma to visit my Uncle Rich and his girlfriend Katja. They recently got a Mama goat and baby (he isn't even a month old). Gwen had such a good time and couldn't sit still inside for lunch, she kept saying "Goat! Goat!" It was a long drive (2 hrs) but totally doable. Gwen is a great traveler and I am so thankful to be able to do stuff like this with her.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

What to Expect When You Are....

We are expecting New Baby September 20, 2010!
This past Thursday we had our first prenatal appointment and got to see the heartbeat fluttering on our New Baby, or little bean. S/he was hiding in the back corner of my uterus so the sonogram isn't that good, but you can make him/her out in the far left between the two crosses that the OB used to measure head to rump to determine how far along we are (8 weeks and 3 days which is exactly what I thought). The round moon like object above and to the right of little bean is the yoke sac. Spencer and Gwen were there for the first sonogram and Gwen was so amazing. She pointed to the screen of black and white gobbly-gook and said as clear as day, "Baby." It was so awesome. Baby is officially her first 2 syllable word. I am doing really well- just tired (really tired) and a little nauseous. Gwen is still breastfeeding but she has cut back a lot (which is kinda sad, but also a relief). I don't plan on weaning her, and we are not moving! We love our little house and look forward to the challenge of trying to fit our expanding family and all its gear in it.