Tuesday, September 29, 2009

12 Months!

Gwen had her 12 month well baby visit yesterday and she has an ear infection. I hoped we could go the first year without one (almost made it!). She had a cold that turned into an infection in her left ear and now she needs to take an antibiotic (for the 1st time). Other than that she is developing right on target. She doesn't weigh as much as we thought she would, 22lbs 2 oz (which is the 70th percentile), but she has really grown in height: 2ft 7.5 in which is the 99th percentile!!! She is turning into a string bean! Oh, and her noggin is in the 87th percentile, so she may end up having Spencer's big head. She has been extra fussy, but also extra cuddly since she isn't feeling well. Her and I slept together last night (she has been up every 2 hours the last 2 nights). She was so sweet- at one point while we were lying down she curled up in the fetal position with her head in my lap and her bum up near my chest and I was reminded of when she was in my belly just last year. I lay there rubbing her bum just as I would when I was pregnant with her and it was a really special moment. She seems to already be feeling better so I think she should be fine for her birthday :-)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Night of the Walking Gwen

The much anticipated Gwen walking video (from 3 nights ago). She is wearing her pajamas and a poncho our friend Rachel made her for her birthday (thanks Rachel!). She grabbed the poncho out of the gift bag in her room and put it on herself.

I love this picture :-) She has great teeth and has started using her toothbrush (though this usually devolves into her chewing on the bristles and trying to rip them out).

I was getting breakfast together when Gwen came to explore the fridge and grabbed a strawberry. She did this once before- Spencer looked down and she was already eating it. So this morning I thought I would let her go at it. After nibbling the green bits she decided to squeeze the life out of it in her baby fist.

Gwen got into my knitting and played with this ball of yarn for a significantly long time. I like the zombie baby walk she does. This video was taken 10 days ago.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Prolific Figs and Whatnot

This September has been so productive and by that I mean crazy busy! I am officially back to school part time working on my Masters in Public Administration at NDNU. I have a Thursday night class- Human Resources Management which is surprising very interesting, and Tuesdays are my homework night were I escape to Red Rock in Mountain View (I like them because they are a non-profit coffee shop). It has been so nice to rejoin the realm of intellectual conversation.

Gwen and I started GymKids this month which is a lot of fun! It is basically a padded room with baby obstacle courses, providing a safe environment for bay to explore and try things you normally would be freaked out about. Gwen walked across this horizontal ladder holding my hand which was amazing- oh, did I mention Gwen started walking!!!!!! She has been taking a few steps since she was about 10.5 months, but she up and walked across the room on my birthday (Monday 9/7). Hopefully I will get it together to post some walking baby zombie video soon.

We ALSO started our second session of Music Together which looks to be a good group of Mom’s and babies and I love the teacher- I am still warming up to the new music. AND Gwen has been doing Parent/Tot swim with Spencer on Saturdays this month which his super cute.

Needless to say we have been busy!

Regarding the Figs- our friends Amanda and Nelson have been sharing with us their very plentiful harvest of Mission figs and what I am going to call California figs (pictured). Gwen loves figs! That is what is squished on the floor in the picture below. I made a ton of fig jam which I must say is pretty good- if anyone is interested we have a lot of it!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

11 Months and counting- Save the Date!

Gwen's not counting, but we are counting down the days to her 1st birthday! It is amazing how time has gone by. Gwen is becoming more of a little person, and less of a baby every day. She is even starting to toddle (takes a few steps but keeps falling down on the third one).

Save the Date for Sunday October 4th for an awesome party that everyone should enjoy!