Sunday, October 7, 2012


I am thinking about archiving this blog. Its original intention was documentation of our babies and sharing with the world our experience since it may have been helpful to others. Also a venue for sharing photos and video with family and friends. If anyone wants to be friends with me on Facebook, I post pretty regularly about the kids, including photos, and now that I have a new phone, potentially video. I am considering starting a new blog where I just share my experiences. As our babies become sentient beings I feel an obligation to protect their privacy, but I also realize I miss writing. I don't want to pull a Time Magazine where I document forever something personal and potentially embarrassing for my little studleys. So, when I have a chance (who knows, maybe there will be a Christmas post after all!) I am going to archive this bad boy, and start up a new blog that is all about my family, but mainly me. If anyone has ideas on clever and witty blog titles, please share! Just what we need right, another Mommy blog ;-)

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Anonymous said...

I've missed your studley blogs! Reading the entries made me feel closer to nor Cal...not really anonymous but don't want any links to me...Casey!